The Global Fall of Pet Coke Prices is Anticipated to Come to a Halt
The Global Fall of Pet Coke Prices is Anticipated to Come to a Halt

The Global Fall of Pet Coke Prices is Anticipated to Come to a Halt

  • 17-Nov-2022 2:11 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Petroleum Coke (Pet Coke) was less expensive than Russian-discounted coal in previous months. Therefore, there were plenty of new customers in the market for Pet Coke. Exports from Venezuela are increasing to China and Turkey, where there are no signs of prospective US Pet coke penalties. Although European consumers are still hesitant and could see a decline in the demand for cement in 2023, they might start buying Pet coke if manufacturing rates are to continue to be low. Discounts for Pet Coke globally have started to disappear as the product's prices rise and coal prices fall.

Pet Coke consumers from China and India have pushed up prices by looking for supplies in the International market. Glass manufacturers in China have loosened the Sulphur specifications, creating a new market for products with more Sulphur. The US Gulf Cost refineries' output was somewhat reduced by some distortions, which were highlighted by a decline in capacity utilization. This month, worldwide crude oil startled and declined, and Pet coke's cost support was minimal; downstream carbon enterprises had a significant amount of inventory before the festival in China, but destocking still predominated. The demand for deliveries to the refineries was high. Most downstream `procurements were driven by demand, and the end-use industries adopted a wait-and-see attitude. Downstream Metal silicon's price is steady, but electrolytic aluminum's price increased shockingly in international markets, which may likely lead to a pause in easing of Pet Coke prices.

According to ChemAnalyst, the prices of Pet Coke in the global market have started rising on the back of the increase in downstream construction activities around the globe, except in Europe and China. Even in Europe, the price decline has stabilized compared to previous months. The reduction of Pet Coke discounts is the amplest proof of the price recovery of the commodity in the international market, and the costs are likely to only increase through this month.

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