The Global Sulfamethazine API Market Ends the Q4 of 2022 on a Muted Note
The Global Sulfamethazine API Market Ends the Q4 of 2022 on a Muted Note

The Global Sulfamethazine API Market Ends the Q4 of 2022 on a Muted Note

  • 22-Dec-2022 11:05 AM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

Muted market fundamentals are changing the price trend of Global Sulfamethazine API towards the lower end in the fourth quarter of 2022, with demand falling sharply and a lack of buying desire. Fewer traders are active in the market as they already have sufficient inventories and are mainly waiting for the fresh supply.

In December 2022, China's Sulfamethazine API prices kept the downtrend and decreased by 1.6% this month after declining 7.9% in previous months. Demand ebbed away by the impact of the epidemic, leading to some manufacturers opting to slow production. Covid cases resurgence from the end of October led to both logistic restriction and end-user run rate limitation, which resulted in Sulfamethazine API inventory accumulation and lower offers. Additionally, export orders from the international market were sluggish due to the ongoing off-peak season.

At the same time, Sulfamethazine API followed a downward price trajectory in Germany, with prices decreasing by 2.7% in Q4 2022 as domestic demand from the end-user pharmaceutical industry was lower than expected, backed by gloomy market attitudes. Also, ample stock levels provoked traders to actively reduce prices to destock their endless inventory due to the Christmas Holiday.

Likewise, Sulfamethazine API prices fell around 3.9% quarterly in the US domestic market, with no pickup in demand from the end-user sector. The pessimistic market sentiment pushes suppliers to get rid of their inventory at a lower price. As a result, the Sulfamethazine API market was under pressure, due to which participants noted a dip in underlying profits.

According to the ChemAnlyst team, it is anticipated that the Sulfamethazine API market tends to perform well across the globe at the beginning of 2023, when many producers have fresh inventories to place into the market. Therefore, buyers are more likely to purchase more stocks and push up Sulfamethazine API prices.

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