The Market for n-Propyl Acetate is Proceeding with Downward Momentum in India

The Market for n-Propyl Acetate is Proceeding with Downward Momentum in India

The Market for n-Propyl Acetate is Proceeding with Downward Momentum in India

  • 16-Aug-2022 2:09 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

Mumbai, India: A continuous decline has been demonstrated by the n-Propyl Acetate pricing trend in India during the third week of August. The prices of n-Propyl Acetate have been steadily falling, and they are currently much cheaper than their expected market value in the Indian domestic market. The manufacturer's prices have fallen in step with market activity. The retail of n-Propyl Acetate has been decreasing across the country, causing the n-Propyl Acetate market to keep diminishing. The price of n-Propyl Acetate dropped significantly by 1.21% last week, assembling at INR 122110/MT Ex-Depot Mumbai during the week concluding on 12th August.

The region's n-Propyl Acetate market sentiments have been decreasing as the production cost and start-up cost for n-Propyl Acetate production have slumped. Consequently, n-Propyl Acetate has a declining market value. The lower rate of enterprise transportation is among the valid factors behind the reduction in n-Propyl Acetate prices. Plummeting feedstock Acetic Acid value is the primary reason behind the deteriorating market price of n-Propyl Acetate in the Indian market.

The sluggish downstream demand for n-Propyl Acetate also contributes to the product's plunging value. While the n-Propyl Acetate market has been witnessing poor downstream demand from the printing industry, there is a good supply and an excess of inventory, all proceeding towards price reduction of n-Propyl Acetate. These elements collectively have been influencing the market and lowering the price of n-Propyl Acetate. The market's driving forces have been reducing, and the downward trend has grown stronger, resulting in the current situation in the n-Propyl Acetate market.

According to ChemAnalyst anticipations, "For a few more weeks, the n-Propyl Acetate market will exhibit a downward pricing trend. Furthermore, the price trend of n-Propyl Acetate will continue to be negative until demand from end-user sectors improves. However, the price of n-Propyl Acetate would probably rise if the cost pressure grew, and the value of the feedstock Acetic Acid rises along with it."


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