The Polybutadiene Rubber Market Has Taken an Upward trend in Europe. Why?

The Polybutadiene Rubber Market Has Taken an Upward trend in Europe. Why?

The Polybutadiene Rubber Market Has Taken an Upward trend in Europe. Why?

  • 27-Sep-2022 3:45 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

Hamburg, Germany: After attaining a state of stagnancy, Polybutadiene Rubber (PBR) prices again started surging in the European market during the week ending on September 23rd,2022. The PBR prices assembled at USD 2730/MT FOB Hamburg during the third week of September 2022, which indicated a hike of 1.1%. The Polybutadiene Rubber market is gaining momentum primarily because of reviving downstream demand and constraint supply in the European nations.

The demand for Polybutadiene Rubber is projected to increase as the automotive industry has begun to rebound in the European market after suffering losses consistently for several months. While demand fundamentals are stabilizing the market, supply dynamics are also altering. Even though the new agreement has temporarily ended the country's labor turmoil, the region's ports are still congested. With vessel bunching and cargo berth delays, yard occupancy is continually rising. This disrupts supply chains and lowers the supply of materials in the domestic market.

Additionally, the Rhine River's water level has risen and is now higher than before. However, several hot weather forecasts indicate that the water level would not remain stable for very long. In that case, shipments to Europe would be disrupted, mainly to Germany. The country is still experiencing an energy crisis because of Russia's decision to stop supplying gas to Europe, which has worsened the market position. Together, rising downstream demand and supply chain disruptions have contributed to an increase in Polybutadiene Rubber prices in the domestic market in Europe.

As per ChemAnalyst anticipations, "The Polybutadiene Rubber prices are likely to rise further in the upcoming weeks owing to improving demand from downstream and supply restrictions. Meanwhile, the ongoing energy crisis might worsen the situation in the country, and in correspondence with that, the prices of Polybutadiene Rubber might increase in the short term."


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