The Prices of Calcium Powder are on the rise in India backed by High Demand and Production costs
The Prices of Calcium Powder are on the rise in India backed by High Demand and Production costs

The Prices of Calcium Powder are on the rise in India backed by High Demand and Production costs

  • 24-Jan-2022 4:00 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

According to an industry expert, the rising Omicron variant cases of the coronavirus are unlikely to have much impact on India's economic growth in 2022. As the Asia Pacific region continues to bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic, the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sector showcased significant potential growth at the beginning of the new year. Calcium Powder is widely used in the production of yogurts, bakery items, dairy-based products, and several beverages as it provides a nutritional boost that positively impacts the health, its demand is rapidly increasing in India as the consumers are asking their food and beverages to be more sustainable and healthier. As Omicron is escalating some of the existing challenges that producers have encountered in the previous year, Calcium Powder manufacturers have already made moves to implement robust measures in their operations to contain the spread of the variant and found some innovative ways to overcome supply chain turbulence.

As per ChemAnalyst, the prices of Calcium Powder are consistently increasing in the Indian domestic market as the manufacturers are struggling with high production costs along with extended delivery times and worker shortages. Calcium Carbonate Ex-Mumbai prices for USP and FCC grades were settled at USD 11058.93/t and USD 236.01/t, respectively, in the third week of January. As for the Calcium Citrate, Ex-Mumbai discussions for USP and FCC grades got assembled at USD 3351.39/t and USD 2238.76/t on 21st January. This price settlement is also a result of an extraordinary escalation of raw material, energy, packaging, and logistics costs, across India.

A global food corporation, Cargill, announced on Monday that it has recently opened its first ever innovation center in India to develop solutions for the food and beverages market in Gurugram, Haryana. This center is spread over almost 17,000 square feet and includes a sensory lab and demonstration kitchen, with capabilities to serve dairy, beverage, bakery, and convenience food industries, and is likely to increase the demand for Calcium Powder in the upcoming years.

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