The US's Growing Need for Supplements Could Benefit the Nation's Nutraceutical Business

The US's Growing Need for Supplements Could Benefit the Nation's Nutraceutical Business

The US's Growing Need for Supplements Could Benefit the Nation's Nutraceutical Business

  • 04-Aug-2022 5:22 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Due to the rising relevance of preventive healthcare among consumers, the United States has seen an increase in demand for dietary supplements over the past several years as the customers have been favoring multivitamins that give the body all the necessary nutrients. People in the States have incorporated multivitamins and several other nutraceuticals into their daily lives, a tendency that has primarily grown since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. Taking into account the vast range of advantages that nutraceuticals offer, they are frequently used to promote well-being, slow down aging, prevent the onset of chronic diseases, prolong life expectancy, and support body functioning. Nutraceuticals have recently received much interest because they potentially benefit nutrition, safety, and treatment. 

The enhanced health and wellness benefits that the supplements and additives provide are the key reasons consumers are reported to have a positive attitude toward functional food items. Several factors have contributed to the general demand for nutraceuticals in the US, including the aging population, growing healthcare costs, changing lifestyles, innovative food products, and expectations surrounding higher prices. The prevalence of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular ailments, as well as the rising occurrences of lifestyle disorders like obesity and diabetes in the US, have significantly contributed to the expansion of the dietary supplement industry across the country. The number of people who regularly incorporate dietary supplements like vitamin pills and others into their meals is also increasing, fuelling market expansion.

ChemAnalyst predicts that the nutraceutical business is anticipated to grow significantly in the United States due to the country's consistently strong demand for dietary supplements. The initiatives made by the government authorities to promote health and wellness for all ages contribute to the rising demand for dietary supplements.


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