Titan Plans to Operate its BOPET Film Production in the Pskov Region By the End of 2022

Titan Plans to Operate its BOPET Film Production in the Pskov Region By the End of 2022

Titan Plans to Operate its BOPET Film Production in the Pskov Region By the End of 2022

  • 18-Nov-2022 12:23 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

Russia: According to the company's spokesperson, Titan Polymer Plant at Moglino Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Pskovskaya region is intended to start its operation of Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) Film by the end of this year. It was previously planned that the launch of the first stage would take place in 2021, i.e., the production of BOPET Film.

The Titan group of companies is one of the largest petrochemical industries in Siberia. The Corporation is carrying out the Titan-Polymer project in the Pskov region's Moglino SEZ to produce BOPET Film.

BOPET Film demand is primarily from the packaging industries, particularly the food industry, electrical engineering, and flexible packaging production. Therefore, the company has invested 10 billion rubles in order to meet the global demand for BOPET Film.

It was mentioned by the company that the production capacity will be started in two stages; where in the first stage, the production of 35 thousand tonnes of Film per year will be created, whereas another Film production will be launched in the second stage. Meanwhile, the total production capacity of BOPET Film decided was 72 thousand tonnes/yr.

The first phase of the "Titan-Polymer" project, building a BOPET Film manufacturing facility, was already underway in 2020. Concrete installation and construction work on the plant's site started with the primary BOPET production building as well as the foundations of structures. Therefore, Titan Polymer, a division of Titan Group in Omsk, purchased two EXPERT K5 2900 mm vacuum metallizers from BOBST (Switzerland) and placed them on the line for manufacturing BOPET Film.

Since its primary market focus is Russia, Eastern, and western Europe, it is anticipated that the market for BOPET Film may experience healthy growth in the coming days. Also, the operation of the new plant by Titan Group is expected to smoothen the price tag for BOPET Film in the Russian market.


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