Venator Soon to Launch its New Tio2 Pigment at K 2019

  • 29-Oct-2019 12:21 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Venator has planned to launch a new titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment at K 2019 in October. Venators high performance white pigment (TIOXIDE TR29) has low moisture applications and meets versatile processing conditions. TIOXIDE TR29 will be used in manufacturing highly technical thin films and in moisture sensitive engineering polymers. The pigment can be added to masterbatches heavily loaded with TiO2 and meets requirement of high throughput rate and a low specific energy which would possibly reduce production and transportation costs. During K 2019, Venator will also be promoting its SACHTOLITH  products which can be used for manufacturing glass fiber reinforced plastics.At K 2019, Venator will promote its novel inorganic pigments such as heat stable red and yellow iron oxides, ultramarines and chromium oxides.

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