Titanium Dioxide Prices Demonstrate Mixed Market Fundamentals Globally
Titanium Dioxide Prices Demonstrate Mixed Market Fundamentals Globally

Titanium Dioxide Prices Demonstrate Mixed Market Fundamentals Globally

  • 14-Jul-2022 4:46 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

The Titanium Dioxide market has been witnessing mixed sentiments in the global market due to fluctuating input costs. As per the market players, demand buoyancy from the downstream construction and automation sectors has emphasized the price value of the commodity and fueled its market growth.

As per the latest data, the price trends of Titanium Dioxide have surged by 2.5% in June 2022 compared to the previous month’s prices. The curbed natural gas supplies due to a fire incident in the USA’s Freeport LNG Terminal have pressurized the manufacturing costs of Titanium Dioxide to soar in the domestic region. However, new orders expanded as domestic demand improved and new export business edged higher. The factories have ramped up the production capacities to meet the active inquiries from the terminal end. However, raw material shortages and rising input costs have directly or indirectly impacted the price value chain of Titanium Dioxide and its derivatives, pressurizing the market sentiments extensively.

Furthermore, in Japan, the active inquiries from paint and coatings price realizations and rising material costs have prompted enough cost pressure on the stockholders’ quotations and strengthened the market sentiments to combat the turbulence brought on by supply chain bottlenecks in the first quarter of 2022. As a result, the Titanium Dioxide prices have gained upward momentum and escalated by nearly 4.6%, showing an increment of almost USD 167 per ton in June from the previous month’s observed prices.

On the other hand, Titanium Dioxide prices significantly dropped in June 2022 as the traders were reluctant to stock out the existing inventories to initiate new production. In addition, the slowdown in economic growth due to stringent COVID restrictions over the past two months has slackened the domestic downstream demand. Furthermore, the plummeting energy costs and the re-occurrence of new COVID cases have deteriorated the market sentiments toward Titanium Dioxide in China.

As per the pricing intelligence of ChemAnalyst, the price discussions of Titanium Dioxide will remain buoyant in the global region amid oscillating inquiries from the terminal end. Also, the fluctuations in prices of primary energy raw materials will likely significantly impact Titanium Dioxide futures in the forthcoming weeks.

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