Titanium Dioxide prices rose dramatically in the global market

Titanium Dioxide prices rose dramatically in the global market

Titanium Dioxide prices rose dramatically in the global market

  • 23-May-2022 5:27 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

New Delhi: According to our sources, the spot market of Titanium Dioxide showcased the robust demand from the downstream industries due to the lower inventories. Rising demand coupled with the soaring energy and fuel prices further provoked the producers to comprehensively raise the quotation price of different types of Titanium Dioxide from May 15, 2022. Additionally, local buyers assert that the quotation price for Titanium Dioxide was raised by more than 2.2 %, and this is the second time that manufacturers are increasing the sales price this year. Earlier this recent hike, Titanium Dioxide manufacturers have soared its prices for domestic and overseas buyers by more than 5.2%.

The China Nuclear Titanium Dioxide said they would continuously monitor Titanium Dioxide price trends and its supply and demand fluctuations and modify the price of Titanium Dioxide products as needed. The overall increase in the sales price of the company's key products will help further improve the company's sustained profitability, market position, and influence, as well as benefit the company's operating performance. Previously, on May 10th and 12th, the domestic Titanium Dioxide players increased prices in succession, and the company's Titanium Dioxide quotation cost for the Chlorination method was raised by 4% based on the original price.

With rising demand for Titanium Dioxide, downstream players have entered the domain of lithium battery materials, producing iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate in the hopes of cultivating the second growth curve. In reality, Titanium Dioxide companies cross-border new energy offers a distinct competitive advantage. Many institutions anticipate that there will be chances for layout in the industrial chain upstream and downstream in the next two years, given the current shortage of lithium iron phosphate. As per ChemAnalyst, the Titanium Dioxide industry chain is likely to undergo a reassessment of value as companies increase their deployment in the field of lithium iron phosphate.



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