Top Market Player Ercros Commissions Its Sodium Chlorite Facility in Spain
Top Market Player Ercros Commissions Its Sodium Chlorite Facility in Spain

Top Market Player Ercros Commissions Its Sodium Chlorite Facility in Spain

  • 02-Mar-2023 11:15 AM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Barcelona, Spain: The European chemical company Ercros has completed the commissioning of its new Sodium Chlorite production line in its Sabinanigo factory (Huesca). The project was initiated in April 2021 to double the commodity production in the country. With this step, the company now has three production factories in the country, doubling its production of Sodium Chlorite. The fresh production capacity has now been increased to 11,300 tonnes per year from 6000 tonnes per year, nearly doubling the production rate.

The Ercros has about 75% of its sales in the international market and is the largest producer of Sodium Chlorite in Europe. Buoyant demand for this product in the market can now be realized with this expansion step taken by Ercros, strengthening its presence in the international market.

The anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties of Sodium Chlorite are considered the best possible way to make drinking water from desalination plants, and due to its chemical nature, a higher grade of drinking water is obtained. Sodium Chlorite is also used to treat industrial and urban wastewater largely because of its powerful oxidizing power.

The product has multiple applications in the food, textile, and paper industries and is in great demand worldwide. The food and beverages industry around the globe uses Sodium Chlorite for packaging to increase its shelf life, whereas the pulp, paper, textile, and dyes industries largely depend on Sodium Chlorite for textile treatment products.

The Ercros had emphasized mainly its plan to become a sustainable company based on three dimensions: Diversification, Digitalization, and Decarbonisation. The planned investment amount is about 92 million Euros and expects to generate an additional EBITDA of about 194 million Euros.

The Ercros site in Sabinanigo employs over 200 people in its facility and recorded a turnover of 93 million Euros in 2020. The company focuses on producing chlorine, caustic soda, and chlorinated derivatives such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid, and more than 58% of these derivatives are exported to other nations around the world.

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