TotalEnergies Set to Implement Price Hike for Polypropylene in North America Come March
TotalEnergies Set to Implement Price Hike for Polypropylene in North America Come March

TotalEnergies Set to Implement Price Hike for Polypropylene in North America Come March

  • 05-Feb-2024 4:47 PM
  • Journalist: Jung Hoon

TotalEnergies Petrochemicals and Refining USA has disclosed its intention to implement a price increase across all polypropylene (PP) grades in North America, amounting to 2 cents per pound (equivalent to USD 44 per ton). This adjustment is set to take effect from March 1, with the pricing alteration aligning with any variations in propylene prices.

The decision comes on the heels of a previous rise in US PP contract prices, which escalated by 3 cents per pound (USD 66 per tonne) in January when compared to December. This upward shift mirrored a similar trend observed in monomer contracts during the same month.

Several American manufacturers have already taken steps to announce forthcoming price hikes for PP, with some slated for implementation in February. This underscores an industry-wide adjustment in response to various factors influencing the market, including supply and demand dynamics, raw material costs, and broader economic considerations.

TotalEnergies, ranking as the fourth-largest producer globally, had earlier taken measures to reduce the load on its polypropylene production facility located in La Porte, Texas, USA, toward the end of October. The specifics regarding the duration of this reduction in utilization rates at the La Porte plant, which boasts a capacity of 1.226 million tons per year, are currently undisclosed.

The planned price increase by TotalEnergies reflects ongoing efforts by companies in the petrochemical sector to navigate a dynamic market environment. Fluctuations in propylene prices, a key component in PP production, often influence the pricing strategies adopted by industry players.

TotalEnergies' move to adjust PP prices in North America is a strategic response to evolving market conditions. The intricacies of the global supply chain, coupled with external factors such as geopolitical events and raw material availability, contribute to the need for periodic price reassessments.

As one of the significant players in the polypropylene market, TotalEnergies' pricing decisions reverberate throughout the industry and impact downstream users and manufacturers. The forthcoming adjustment in March aligns with the company's strategy to adapt to market dynamics and maintain competitiveness in the polypropylene sector.

The planned increase in polypropylene prices by TotalEnergies Petrochemicals and Refining USA signals a broader trend within the industry. The nuanced interplay of market factors, coupled with the company's strategic considerations, underscores the dynamic nature of the petrochemical sector. As the market continues to evolve, industry participants are compelled to navigate these shifts through strategic pricing decisions, ultimately shaping the landscape of the polypropylene market in North America.

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