Triethanolamine Prices Slide in Europe; Uptrend Continues in China

Triethanolamine Prices Slide in Europe; Uptrend Continues in China

Triethanolamine Prices Slide in Europe; Uptrend Continues in China

  • 19-Jul-2022 3:01 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Ongoing market disturbances are the major cause of turbulence in the global Triethanolamine market dynamics that are also responsible for shifting the burden from one country to other. A few days earlier, a significant trader in Saudi Arabia revealed that the vast burden shift from Europe to the middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia led to a steep fall in Triethanolamine availability.

Recent analysis shows a significant price increment in Europe during the first half of July 2022 owing to rising raw material costs amidst the low availability of the product in the regional market. As per the data, a hike of around 2% has been witnessed for Triethanolamine in Belgium, primarily driven by colossal instability in prices of upstream natural gas in the regional market. However, under the influence of threatening economic activities, the price might decay by the end half of the month.

Germany has also been facing similar market sentiments, where prices have been facing inclined pricing dynamics for the past couple of months. However, as prices were hovering at a very high value and demand dynamics threatened due to slow economic activities, Triethanolamine prices decayed in Germany during the first half of the month.

In the meantime, the steep rise in the price of Triethanolamine in Saudi Arabia affected the pricing dynamics in major Asian economies, including China. Data shows a hike of around 1.7% in China during July 2022, where the demand for the product has rebounded marginally. Post witnessing the most stringent lockdown in the history of China, Economic activities have tumbled effectively, which has reduced the demand for several commodities in the country. However, under the influence of expensive imports, Triethanolamine prices remained buoyant, despite the low demand outlook.

According to ChemAnalyst, Triethanolamine prices will likely remain buoyant in China in the coming weeks, as Saudi Arabian producers might not negatively revise their offers. Furthermore, after a decline in Europe, it is also anticipated that this price trend may not remain persistent due to the global shortage.


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