Unveiling the Price Plunge: Triethylamine's Price Drop in the Asia Pacific Region

Unveiling the Price Plunge: Triethylamine's Price Drop in the Asia Pacific Region

Unveiling the Price Plunge: Triethylamine's Price Drop in the Asia Pacific Region

  • 26-May-2023 3:59 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

In the third week of May 2023, the price of Triethylamine experienced a decline in the Asia Pacific region. Both China and India saw a decrease of approximately 1% in the price of the product. This price trend was primarily influenced by the decreased price of Ammonia, which served as a feedstock for Triethylamine and experienced a decline of about 2% in the international market. However, the price of Ammonia remained stable in China, reinforcing the price trend for Triethylamine in that region. The demand for Triethylamine from the downstream pharmaceutical industry remained steady, while the demand from the polymer industry was low.

Additionally, the international market had low demand for the product due to its ample availability. The supply of Triethylamine was abundant in China, India, and the international market due to the availability of cheaper and easily accessible raw materials. There were no significant barriers in the supply chain for the product, leading to a smooth and increased supply that contributed to the decline in prices.

In China, traders anticipated high demand for Triethylamine from the downstream polymer industry. Triethylamine produces polymers such as polyurethanes and polyamides, which are utilized in the automobile and footwear industries. The demand for products in these industries typically increases during the summer season.

In India, the prices of Triethylamine declined in line with the international market. The Indian Triethylamine market followed the price trend of the global market. The demand for the product in the domestic market remained stable, while the overseas demand was low. The price decrease of Ammonia was the driving factor behind the market conditions during this period.

The special characteristics of Triethylamine make it widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, polymers, and dyes. However, it is crucial to handle Triethylamine cautiously due to its strong odor and potential toxicity, necessitating proper safety measures.

As per the analysis by ChemAnalyst, Triethylamine prices are expected to rise during the last week of May 2023. This anticipated increase can be attributed to a surge in demand from downstream industries due to the seasonal demand boost associated with the summer period.


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