US Amino Acid Prices Likely to Continue its Optimistic Trend in November 2023
US Amino Acid Prices Likely to Continue its Optimistic Trend in November 2023

US Amino Acid Prices Likely to Continue its Optimistic Trend in November 2023

  • 09-Nov-2023 5:15 PM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

The prices for Amino Acids across the United States are expected to improve throughout November 2023. This might be reinforced by enough inquiries arriving within the domestic market balanced by heightened availability among the market players. Considering the feed sector, the market plummeted in the past month but started to improve in late October, which is then expected to remain on the upper side until the very end of mid-Q4. The food industry, however, has continued to witness a healthy demand for certain Amino Acids, such as Lysine Hydrochloride, for the past months.

In early November, owing to consumers being increasingly health-conscious, there was a continuous surge in demand for protein-rich food products, fueling the rising necessity of Amino Acid even in livestock feed, further linked to the supply-demand balance and the efforts of suppliers to clear their stockpiles. In the food industry, the consumption of valine, one of the major Amino Acids, particularly in the processing of meat products, and the persistent rising costs have prompted manufacturers to evaluate their formulations and production processes. This adaptability is crucial in ensuring that end consumers can access high-quality, protein-rich food items without substantial price hikes.

On the other hand, considering the other Amino Acid market activity, the increasing prices of Lysine Hydrochloride might reverberate across the feed and food industries. Earlier in October, the Livestock farmers, pet food manufacturers, and other manufacturers relying on Lysine Hydrochloride as a crucial component of animal feed witnessed less consumption of this Amino Acid as demand from feed industries dropped throughout October. However, as prices rise, these stakeholders focus on raising their domestic and overseas market selling prices to clear out the previously stored inventory levels. Similarly, the market trend for threonine Amino Acid also followed the trajectory of Lysine Hydrochloride across the global market.

Moreover, supporting this market trend, as of the initial stages of November, the prices of raw materials, primarily corn, also witnessed a moderate uptick, as consumption in the feed sector improved slightly, maintaining a significant balance between the supply side. This is another factor contributing to a higher price trajectory of Amino Acids across the North American region.

According to ChemAnalyst, “Industry specialists are tentatively positive about the future direction of Amino Acid prices. As we move further into the final months of 2023, stakeholders in the feed and food industries will closely monitor market dynamics in response to the demand side for Amino Acid further. It is projected the consumption of Amino Acids might plummet again, resulting in weakening domestic sales and a significant drop in international quotations. Owing to this, the merchants in the forthcoming period might focus on clearing their accumulated goods as soon as possible before entering the new quarter of the new year”.

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