U.S–Based Plastics Distribution Company Presents Up to Cent Percent PCR Content Resins
U.S–Based Plastics Distribution Company Presents Up to Cent Percent PCR Content Resins

U.S–Based Plastics Distribution Company Presents Up to Cent Percent PCR Content Resins

  • 03-Oct-2022 5:37 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

The international thermoplastic resins and ancillary materials distributor, M. Holland Co., announced the availability of resins with up to 100% PCR content. These materials are masterbatches' carrier resins that help OEMs and molders in the packaging, automotive, and consumer goods industries reduce their reliance on virgin plastics and enable sustainable innovation in the plastics industry.

Reprocessing existing materials from municipal or closed-loop recycling programs yields mechanically recycled PCR resins. Before being shredded, washed, melted, and pelletized into new products, the recycled materials are sorted by polymer type.

Because the recycling process uses materials of varying colors, PCR resins are typically not colorless. However, the masterbatch producer now has access to carrier resins that are less messy and easier to use in the production of color and additive products, thanks to recent developments. These resins have a very low opacity and more closely resemble natural materials, especially in terms of their ability to be colored.

M. Holland's director of business development, Peter Prusak, stated, "When advising on the best solutions, we analyze more than just color. "Aesthetic engineering options, competitive value, and overall lead time within the supply chain are all examined by our team, as are regulatory insights. Customers of M. Holland can now concentrate on what they do best, which is producing high-quality, individualized goods.

According to Scott Arnold, M. Holland's market manager for Color & Compounding, "as brands continue to set aggressive sustainability goals that aim to incorporate more recycled materials into their manufacturing process, the demand for PCR resins has dramatically increased. "However, color masterbatch processing has lacked easy access to PCR materials. Our clients now have access to natural, high-quality PCR polypropylene, PE, and PET that will assist them in achieving their sustainability objectives.

The markets of recycled plastics in the U.S are expected to bounce back soon as more companies are coming up with updates regarding the production and supply of PCR resins. Till now, PCR compounds have been valued moderately because of various factors like plant closures, nominal demand etc. As per the analyses by ChemAnalyst, the price of R-PET (food grade pellets) and R-HDPE (natural pellets grade) remained idle at USD 2,370 per MT on FOB – Los Angeles basis and USD 2,210 on FOB – Houston basis for the whole of the previous month.

The firm expects R-PET's price to grow by 2% this month and a further 3% in November and anticipates the price of R-HDPE to grow from the next month onwards after witnessing a reduction in the price of up to 2.3% per MT this month.

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