US Butyl Acetate Prices Set for January Improvement, Likely February Uptick in Germany
US Butyl Acetate Prices Set for January Improvement, Likely February Uptick in Germany

US Butyl Acetate Prices Set for January Improvement, Likely February Uptick in Germany

  • 05-Jan-2024 4:20 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

Texas (US): This week, stability has been observed in Butyl Acetate prices in both the US and German markets, each influenced by distinct factors. In the US, the price steadiness is attributed to insufficient cost support from methanol, the primary feedstock, while the construction sector continues to drive demand. Despite this, the PMI value for the US market in December indicated contraction in the manufacturing sector, standing at 47.90. Concurrently, heightened inventories in the market have played a role in maintaining the overall stability of Butyl Acetate prices. Additionally, the stability in natural gas prices has acted as a moderating factor, preventing market expansion. On a global scale, subdued demand has led to a reduction in international inquiries for Butyl Acetate, contributing to an overall decrease in market activity.

In the German market, Butyl Acetate prices have exhibited stability, primarily driven by a notable surplus of inventories within the market. Additionally, the import prices from the Chinese market have experienced weakness, stemming from operational challenges in Chinese plants that are gradually recovering to their normal operational state. This recovery has resulted in elevated inventories in the Chinese domestic market, consequently influencing lower prices for Butyl Acetate imports. Furthermore, the downstream construction industry has faced challenges due to high-interest rates, which have restrained the purchasing power of consumers in downstream industries. Despite these factors, the stability in natural gas prices has played a crucial role in maintaining consistent production costs for LNG, contributing to overall price stability.

As per the ChemAnalyst Database, January is anticipated to bring divergent price trends to the Butyl Acetate markets in the US and Germany. In the US, heightened activity is foreseen after the initial week, driven by increased demand from downstream sectors, especially the construction industry. The expected rise in natural gas prices is set to contribute to an overall upswing in Butyl Acetate prices throughout January. On the contrary, Germany is poised to experience contrasting trends marked by the sustained impact of high-interest rates on the purchasing power of consumers in downstream industries. Stable natural gas prices will likely result in consistent LNG prices and production costs. Additionally, the holiday season is expected to lead to reduced market transactions and downstream inquiries in Germany. Despite the potential for increased import prices from China, a significant Butyl Acetate exporter to Germany, economic uncertainty and diminished market activity may contribute to an overall decline in Butyl Acetate prices. However, both markets are anticipated to follow an upward trajectory in February, aligning with similar trends in the broader Butyl Acetate market.

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