US Calcium Carbonate Prices Show Minimal Improvement Entering Mid-September 2023
US Calcium Carbonate Prices Show Minimal Improvement Entering Mid-September 2023

US Calcium Carbonate Prices Show Minimal Improvement Entering Mid-September 2023

  • 19-Sep-2023 5:49 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

In continuation of the past week's bullish trend, the Calcium Carbonate market prices in North America have slightly improved in the week ending September 15, 2023. The price of Calcium Carbonate was assessed as USD 730 per metric tonne last Friday. The growing demand for food supplements and the makeup industry has been driving the growth of Latin America's food-grade Calcium Carbonate market.

The increasing demand for healthy and fortified food among health-conscious people is one major player behind the growth of the food-grade Calcium Carbonate market. Furthermore, the US dollar strengthened on September 7, 2023, for the seventh time in the last eight trading days. However, the freight charges from the East Coast of America to Southeast Asia have decreased slightly by about 0.1 percent.

Several economic trends have been driving the growth of the Calcium Carbonate market, such as the financial stability of working women, a growing interest in natural skincare products among Gen Z, and the expanding men's grooming market. Moreover, rising disposable income levels and the retail sector have created opportunities for global brands to penetrate both urban and rural markets. Statistical data shows that Indonesia is one of the major buyer markets for the US personal care industry, with approximately 15% of Indonesia's total population, including mid to high-income earners, willing to pay for well-known foreign brands.

The US market holds the largest market share for cosmetics, personal care products, and fragrances, with a revenue of USD 87.5 billion, followed by China at USD 55.36 billion. The global Food Grade Calcium Carbonate market is projected to reach USD 10.15 Billion by 2032, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.1% during the forecast period 2022-2032. The Asia Pacific region has the fastest growth pace, while the North American market holds the largest share of the global market in terms of volume.

The industrial-grade Calcium Carbonate market has also experienced growth due to increasing demand in the construction and paper packaging industries, along with developing technologies. Many businesses invest in innovations to find quality sources of Calcium Carbonate and explore possibilities to strengthen their position in the global market. Moreover, the nano Calcium Carbonate market is projected to increase to USD 49.45 billion globally by 2028.

Global market players in the Calcium Carbonate industry, such as Omya AG, Huber Engineered Materials, and Guangdong Qiangda New Materials Technology Co. Ltd., have reported profitable business in their Q2 results.

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