US Calcium Powder Prices Plummet Amidst Subdued Demand and Supply Abundance
US Calcium Powder Prices Plummet Amidst Subdued Demand and Supply Abundance

US Calcium Powder Prices Plummet Amidst Subdued Demand and Supply Abundance

  • 28-Nov-2023 1:59 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

Calcium Powder prices fell in the United States market in November. This decline can be attributed to subdued demand from downstream industries, decreased energy prices, and ample inventories within the domestic market. The industrial preparation of Calcium Powder typically involves the processing of natural sources of calcium, such as limestone or calcium carbonate, into a finely powdered form. Notably, the prices of calcium carbonate have also recently decreased, influenced by a decline in inquiries from the food and additive industries. This subsequently contributes to the overall decline in Calcium Powder prices.

In November, the United States witnessed a decline in the operational conditions of manufacturing firms, as indicated by the sources. Although the deterioration in the health sector was only marginal, it marked the fastest decline since August and reinstated the period of contraction observed for much of the past year. The demand side faced challenges in providing strong support to the Calcium Powder market, resulting in insufficient transactions for new orders and a modest price decline. The overall supply of Calcium Powder remains relatively abundant, influenced by relatively restrained demand conditions, which compelled businesses to continue reducing their finished goods' stocks at lower prices. This, in turn, contributed to and reinforced the downward trajectory of Calcium Powder.

Several players reported that decreased energy and raw material expenses mitigated upward pressure on prices, with some noting that reducing workforce numbers had also alleviated cost pressures. Manufacturers indicated a significant deceleration in input price inflation, marking a notable slowdown after consecutive monthly accelerations in the rate of increase from July to October, which also contributed to the weak Calcium Powder market. Additionally, the fall in oil prices, attributed to strong production in the United States and reduced geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, further led to the decline in Calcium Powder prices.

In a move that surprised a few, the US Federal Reserve declared its decision to keep the benchmark interest rate steady within the range of 5.25% to 5.50% during its latest meeting in November. This represents the second consecutive meeting where the central bank has opted to maintain the existing monetary policy, placing additional strain on consumer spending and subsequently leading to a decrease in Calcium Powder prices.

According to ChemAnalyst's analysis, the prices of Calcium Powder are expected to persist in a declining trend in the coming months due to the ongoing weakening demand from end-user food and pharmaceutical industries. The USA market might also encounter a decline in export sales to foreign markets, ensuring an ample supply of Calcium Powder in the domestic market, thereby contributing to the unfavorable market outlook.

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