US Furosemide API Prices Remain on the Higher Side in November 2022
US Furosemide API Prices Remain on the Higher Side in November 2022

US Furosemide API Prices Remain on the Higher Side in November 2022

  • 11-Nov-2022 12:48 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Houston, USA: The prolonged market demand, restricted supply chain, and port congestion at Houston's ports in the US contributed to a significant increase in Furosemide API prices in November 2022 following the previous month's trajectory. APIs are at record highs, in line with anticipated increased demand, with oil driving the most recent spike. In addition, limited supply and inventory temporarily drive up Furosemide API prices in the US market. The upward trajectory of the Furosemide API is further aided by rising inflation. All in all, these inflationary pressures put the pharmaceutical sector at risk in the short run.

As a result of rising imports from exporting countries like China and delayed shipments due to the upstream demand for Furosemide API, the market attitude for the drug in the US region has improved. Low inventory levels, intense consumer demands, and the lack of downstream sector supply in the United States further assist in driving up Furosemide API's cost. The rising demand prompted suppliers and traders to increase their stock levels. In addition, prices are rising because of rising interest rates, followed by the declining value of the currencies in most developing economies. Nearly 60% of emerging market and developing economies that import oil experienced an increase in domestic oil prices during this time due to currency depreciations. Input prices are under pressure as Furosemide API prices rise. A snowball effect like this can cause inflationary pressures in the larger economy.

The current shortage of storage in Houston's ports, the scarcity of chassis, and vessel congestion at Houston area terminals all contribute to the rising price trends of Furosemide API in the US market. The price of Furosemide API increased by 3% overall. Although China is a significant exporter, its market and trading operations have slowed because of ongoing, stringent COVID regulations.

As per ChemAnalyst, "After showing a heightened tendency month over month, the price of Furosemide API is anticipated to drop in the following month, which is December 2022. A decrease in downstream demand from end-user sectors following ease in inflation and currency depreciation is projected to support this dropped price trend".

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