US Phosphonate Prices See Improvement Amidst Increased Demand and Supply Constraints
US Phosphonate Prices See Improvement Amidst Increased Demand and Supply Constraints

US Phosphonate Prices See Improvement Amidst Increased Demand and Supply Constraints

  • 07-Nov-2023 6:16 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

Texas, USA: The Phosphonate market in the USA has experienced a slight improvement in recent times owing to increased demand, imports of higher-priced goods, and supply constraints. At the start of the fourth quarter, the consumer market observed enthusiasm for newer purchases of Phosphonate in the downstream water treatment, detergent, and cleaning industries. Market transactions have improved in the region, whereas supply chain operations have caught pace.

Additionally, the manufacturers have increased the Phosphonate prices as manufacturing costs have observed an increase due to the high prices of upstream raw materials. The prices of upstream Phosphorus Trichloride and Yellow Phosphorus increased in the US market, and owing to this, the manufacturing costs of Phosphonate have increased this month.

The US is majorly dependent on imports of Phosphonate from China, and amid the trade war between the two nations, the supplies have been lagging, amid which the prices of Phosphonate have risen in the region.

According to the sources, recent figures show that the United States buys fewer Chinese goods as Western corporations shift their supply chains away from China. India, Taiwan, and Malaysia have also helped to increase the proportion of Asian items consumed in the United States.

The relations between the United States and China have recently been extremely strained. China accused the United States of intentionally working to choke Chinese economic progress. The United States, for its part, frequently claims that China's regulations are geared to give its firms, particularly manufacturers, an unfair edge in global competition. The US asserts it does this by providing considerable government assistance to businesses and imposing heavy restrictions on non-Chinese corporations operating in China.

There have recently been indications that China is introducing a policy of diverting government spending into the industrial sector in the hope of stimulating development. This is expected to revive America's concerns about China providing unfair advantages to domestic enterprises competing in the global market.

According to the ChemAnalyst pricing intelligence, the prices of Phosphonate in the USA are expected to demonstrate further incline in the upcoming weeks as the demand outlook is presumed to enhance as the Phosphonate demand as a water treatment agent in the industry is expected to increase further, with steady product offtakes projected.

The fourth quarter of this year brings new hopes for the de-escalation of the ongoing strife between the two major economies and the resumption of full-scale trade, which will eventually take place. The market participants anticipate that restocking practices will befall in this period, and the market sentiments for Phosphonate are presumed to boost further.

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