US Superabsorbent Polymer Markets Face Investor Skepticism Amid 2023 Supply Chain Challenges
US Superabsorbent Polymer Markets Face Investor Skepticism Amid 2023 Supply Chain Challenges

US Superabsorbent Polymer Markets Face Investor Skepticism Amid 2023 Supply Chain Challenges

  • 28-Aug-2023 12:55 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

Although the raw material Crude Oil industry did not experience any significant alterations in activity levels during the most recent week, the overall performance of US Superabsorbent Polymer remained static throughout the last year. Market analysts predict a modest decrease of 1.6% in annual earnings growth. Presently, investors maintain a negative outlook regarding the Saudi Arabian Crude Oil industry, suggesting that they expect subpar expansion compared to historical norms. Consequently, the Superabsorbent Polymer industry's stock market valuation reflects this uncertainty with a Price-To-Earnings (PE) ratio of 16.7x, below the three-year average of 23.1x. Additionally, the Price-To-Sales (PS) ratio of 4.1x falls short of the three-year average of 5.4x, further highlighting the lackluster sentiment among investors impacting the downstream Acrylic Acid market of Crude Oil.

The supply chain situation of Superabsorbent Polymer seemed to be moderate in the USA industry, and to ensure optimal capacity utilization through the next few weeks, Maersk plans to employ additional loaders each week on the East Coast persistently. Moreover, the company adjusted its TP8 service route, diverting the shipment destination from APM Terminal Pier 400 in Los Angeles to Total Terminals International in Long Beach. As a result, customers can benefit from dependable and streamlined transportation solutions. The inaugural voyage to Long Beach terminal is scheduled for September 15th.

Despite experiencing stable operational performance during the preceding week, the US sanitary and diaper services sector remains challenged by a 9.7% contraction in the overall Superabsorbent Polymer industry's value over the past year. Nevertheless, analysts project a favorable turnaround in the coming years, expecting an annual growth rate of 14% for earnings. Currently, Superabsorbent Polymer market players possess mixed opinions about the prospects of the domestic healthcare sector, implying moderate growth potential in the long haul. On the valuation front, the Superabsorbent Polymer industry's three-year historical price-to-earnings (PE) multiple stands at 23.0x, while its price-to-sales (PS) multiple rests at 0.73x. Meanwhile, the cost of Superabsorbent Polymer plummeted to USD 1770/ton CFR USGC in the US marketplace during July based on available trade information. Due to decreased demand from the downstream sanitary products market and reduced feedstock acquisition, specifically Sodium Polyacrylate, the stockpile levels of Superabsorbent Polymer rose in the United States market, according to recent trade reports. The market value of Superabsorbent Polymer was depleted according to the trading sources in the region, and the shipments were sufficient to meet the demands from the downstream market as per the sources. 

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