US Valine Prices Rebound Amidst Rising Domestic Consumption and Overseas Inquiries
US Valine Prices Rebound Amidst Rising Domestic Consumption and Overseas Inquiries

US Valine Prices Rebound Amidst Rising Domestic Consumption and Overseas Inquiries

  • 04-Oct-2023 3:43 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

As September 2023 is about to an end, the prices of some amino acids, such as Valine, rise steadily and imitate the similar market trajectory in other regions across the globe. As a result, prices have momentarily stabilized with a positive rise. The current state of the global market is slightly improving, and exporting nations like China are gradually regaining production momentum, which further supports the rising price trajectory for various amino acids such as Valine. As the economy reopens, the rising demand for goods and improvements in the manufacturing sectors further contributed to September's market trend.

Increased demand for Valine from the feed sector was one of the primary factors that drove the amino acid prices. As per the understanding, amino acids are considered essential nutrients for livestock as they play an important role in their growth, development, and muscle production. Hence, Livestock producers were increasingly looking to improve the nutritional content of animal feed to boost productivity and reduce costs, resulting in a rising demand or consumption of amino acids such as Valine within the feed industries. The price values for feed and food grade Valine rebounded this month after depicting a month-over-month. Owing to the rising demand for Valine from the regional market, the merchants focused on destocking their previous stockpiles at a higher cost than anticipated. This was further supported by clearing out their inventory levels before the arrival of the next quarter. Additionally, higher input costs continue to support the current Valine market trend. As traders continued to concentrate on replenishing their inventory levels, one of the factors driving this increase in certain amino acid prices across the global market was the increased production volume of both grades.

Furthermore, trade activities from China, one of the significant exporters of the US market, displayed further disruption in September, coupled with rising foreign inquiries. The arrival of upcoming events, such as the imminent eight-day Mid-Autumn Festival, the occurrence of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and the National Day holiday, is expected to affect the supply chain momentum within the domestic and overseas markets in the forthcoming period. On top of that, during this holiday season, tourist activity reaches its highest level, thereby suspending production activities. This, in turn, resulted in a price escalation for all the essential food and dairy items, keeping the prices of Valine sources on the higher side. These developments also exerted pressure on businesses within the world's second-largest economy, albeit at a pace that was somewhat slower than initially projected. Also, as per the ChemAnalyst anticipation, "the sales across the global market for Valine might remain on the northerly direction in the forthcoming months as well with prices uprising continuously."

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