Valine Prices Gush on 2023 Outset Over Increased Demand
Valine Prices Gush on 2023 Outset Over Increased Demand

Valine Prices Gush on 2023 Outset Over Increased Demand

  • 10-Feb-2023 11:03 AM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Global Valine prices for feed grade displayed an inclined trend during January 2023 on the back of a sudden surge in demand from the domestic market and inquiries from the international market. Ease in inflation along with raised consumer interest during January brought on by a combination of certain other factors, including a strong post-Covid recovery, disrupted supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine and its effects on energy and food prices had all together affected the overall market tendency of all other sectors.

As the traders and distributors of Valine, an amino acid, have kept a close eye on these various factors that can impact the market, a significant surge in their inquiries from the international market has helped them increase their stock levels and place new quotations.

China- one of the primary exporters of Valine to other regions, witnessed an inclination of around 13 percent during the first half of Q1-2023. This surge in prices compelled the producers to boost their production capacity as weaker demand witnessed over the past couple of months resulted in a stoppage of manufacturing because higher stockpiles among the market players were sufficient to meet the overall demand for Valine. Another reason supporting the upsurged trend of Valine (feed grade) involves the arrival of the Lunar New Year (LNY), which resulted in a temporary stoppage of manufacturing activity and a labor shortage, which in turn caused delayed shipments or consignments to other regions.

Similarly, in Europe (most notably in Germany) and the United States, Valine prices rose by 15 and 11 percent respective countries.  Higher prices of upstream corn kept the market sentiments of downstream Valine on the positive side. To keep their profit margins inside the area, participants raised their prices of previous stockpiles and sold them at a higher rate while focusing on placing newer quotations, as they expected a positive trend throughout the first quarter of Q1-2023.

As per ChemaAalyst, "Valine costs could rise at a modest rate in the upcoming months globally, including in Germany, China, and the US. Also, demand is expected to stay on the high end. Additionally, buyers are more likely to bring extra supplies with them in order to increase availability in response to demand significantly.

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