Valine Prices Likely to Surge Globally Amidst Rising Demand From Downstream Industries
Valine Prices Likely to Surge Globally Amidst Rising Demand From Downstream Industries

Valine Prices Likely to Surge Globally Amidst Rising Demand From Downstream Industries

  • 24-Apr-2023 6:06 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Valine feed grade prices across the global market demonstrate a feeble trend during April 2023; however, market sentiments are predicted to improve by the end of the first half of the second quarter of 2023. Certain factors, such as improved domestic and international demand, a surge in trade activity, ease in energy costs, and upsurged consumer sentiments, might support a positive market trend in the forthcoming months.

The prices of Valine feed grade in the Chinese market are anticipated to rise in upcoming months compared to the previous quarter of 2023. With the Start of April, the market trajectory for Valine remained on the weaker side due to a decrease in demand followed by higher stockpiles. According to suppliers and retailers, the manufacturers focused on producing the quantity of Valine feed grade according to the requirements as they possessed enough stockpiles for this month to cater to the overall demand and inquiries both globally and domestically. However, according to the sources, the price trend for Valine feed grade might surge as April ends, and this is expected to be supported by the fact that market participants will offer Valine products at a higher cost than expected owing to a resurge in demand dynamics. Besides this, manufacturers are likely to focus on raising their production activity.

Similarly, in the US and German markets, considering the demand side, Chinese exporters are likely to quote the prices of Valine feed grade at a higher rate, which could result in a higher price trend for this product on the domestic market of both regions. However, as more requests from the international market are anticipated in the coming months, consumer confidence may increase, which is intended to support domestic retailers in raising the prices of Valine in their respective local markets. In Addition to that, combined effects of lower freight and energy costs, Valine might experience an increase in their prices.

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