Virginia Detains the Five-Year Ban on Polystyrene

Virginia Detains the Five-Year Ban on Polystyrene

Virginia Detains the Five-Year Ban on Polystyrene

  • 07-Jul-2022 6:08 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Hampton, Virginia- The government officials of Virginia has banned takeout food containers from cutting down the plastic in the environment. However, a firm decision has taken while presenting the budget. Virginia lawmakers pushed back the law to boycott polystyrene-based containers by five years. According to the resources, the well-known and prominent restaurant owners having 20 or more branches in the state have to demolish the consumption of Polystyrene containers by 2028. However, the small-scale business owners have extended the deadline to 2030. The government aims to reduce food waste and focus on recycling polystyrene plastics.

According to the blueprint given by the government authorities in 2021, the target year to fully eradicate polystyrene-based plastics from the country was the year 2023. However, reaching the edge of this target seemed to be a longer journey than expected. According to the director, Robert Melvin, this decision has been taken by keeping small-scale business owners in mind. Despite being toxic to human health and the environment, Polystyrene was continuously in demand throughout the year.

Costs small scale businesses have forever been a piece of the conversation since polystyrene containers are incredibly modest. Following public opinions, the government decided to delay the polystyrene ban in the state. Commodity inflation has already impacted the state's economy, and any sporadic decisions will affect the prices of Polystyrene in the regional market. Including the government members, legal administrators have been thinking about altering the policies that would elaborate the admittance to a wide range of reusing plastics in contrast to landfilling or burning for energy.

As per ChemAnalyst, the political strategy applied by the government officials will raise the polystyrene demand in the regional market, consequently raising the prices. The demand from end-users is likely to remain on a higher edge. Furthermore, the rising temperature and supply shortage might hinder the operational rate of Polystyrene. These factors will govern the market dynamics of Polystyrene in the regional market.



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