VOID Technologies Introduces Latest Voiding Agents for Recyclable Films

VOID Technologies Introduces Latest Voiding Agents for Recyclable Films

VOID Technologies Introduces Latest Voiding Agents for Recyclable Films

  • 20-Oct-2023 12:21 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

VOID Technologies has unveiled its innovative VO+ PE 1300 Series Voiding Agents, catering to the surging demand for recyclable opaque films. These voiding agents pave the way for the creation of voided polyethylene (PE) film structures, which seamlessly integrate with existing PE recycling processes and fulfill the prerequisites for a diverse range of recycle-ready packaging applications. These applications include laminates, wicketed bags, labels, and flow wraps, emphasizing their versatility and potential impact on the packaging industry.

The VO+ PE 1300 Series has been harnessed to develop voided machine direction oriented (MDO) HDPE films, introducing a unique combination of low density and high opacity that was previously unattainable using mineral pigments like TiO2. This groundbreaking development offers an exciting alternative to pearlized biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), which, unfortunately, is not widely recyclable. It presents a significant growth opportunity for PE film converters.

The VO+ PE 1300 Series offers a promising solution by providing a PE-based alternative to pearlized BOPP. This innovation harmoniously fits within existing PE recycling systems, including pre-qualification for recyclability via Store Drop-Off in the United States.

James Gibson, CEO of VOID Technologies, commented on the strong demand for the VO+ PE 1300 Series, highlighting its capacity to facilitate recycle-ready packaging designs desired by brand owners and converters. He emphasized that the series is designed for MDO lines and can yield a Store Drop-Off recyclable HDPE alternative to pearlized BOPP, thereby presenting PE converters with a substantial growth opportunity without cannibalizing their existing PE product lines. The availability of commercial quantities of the VO+ PE 1300 Series aligns with the growing demand, and customers are already in the process of conducting end-to-end supply chain trials to support their plans for launching new packaging designs on a large scale in 2024.

The VO+ PE 1300 Series is underpinned by a sophisticated formulation that leverages polymeric cavitation agents. This obviates the need for abrasive minerals that could damage expensive equipment. This next-generation VO+ formulation boasts a broader MDO operating window, excellent bubble stability, and increased throughputs, all contributing to enhanced efficiency in the production process.

Gibson further emphasized the significance of this development in the context of packaging producers' contemporary challenges. As converters continue to invest in MDO, there arises a compelling need to devise a new generation of MDO applications that address critical objectives, including plastic reduction and improved recyclability. The VO+ PE 1300 Series adeptly tackles four pivotal challenges facing packaging producers today, encompassing MDO production performance, in-use package performance, material reduction targets, and recyclability.



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