Wacker Chemie AG Looks up to Expanding Polymer Capacities at Nanjing

Wacker Chemie AG Looks up to Expanding Polymer Capacities at Nanjing

  • 23-Oct-2020 7:34 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Wacker Chemie AG is investing around USD 100 million to build two new production facilities at its Nanjing site. The project is aimed at expanding its penetration into the Chinese polymer markets. The company is planning to add a reactor for vinyl-acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions and a spray dryer for VAE dispersible polymer powders by the second half of 2022. The construction work is slated to begin as soon as the company receives green signal from the local authorities. The two plants will be the largest of their kind in the world and are aimed at serving China, which is currently the largest building market in the world. China holds nearly 20 percent share in the global construction investment and this move is likely to provide a strong impetus to the company’s regional presence in the near future.

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