Weak Demand Leaves the US Butyric Acid Market Struggling to Recover in December 2023
Weak Demand Leaves the US Butyric Acid Market Struggling to Recover in December 2023

Weak Demand Leaves the US Butyric Acid Market Struggling to Recover in December 2023

  • 27-Dec-2023 4:38 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

The price of Butyric Acid in the US market has revised negatively during the mid of December, primarily due to weakened demand conditions from downstream sectors. In response to the deteriorated demand, many manufacturers have opted to reduce their operational activities. Notably, there has been a significant improvement in supplier delivery times, marking the most substantial enhancement since September. This improvement is linked to the weaker demand for inputs and increased material availability, adding to the challenges faced by the Butyric Acid market in the United States. The overall market scenario indicates a delicate balance between supply and demand dynamics, with manufacturers adjusting their operations in response to changing market conditions.

Over the last two weeks, the raw material Propylene has maintained stability, a factor attributed to managing the cost of Butyric Acid. Merchants in the US market have reported a lack of new orders for Butyric Acid from overseas markets. This stabilization indicates a period of equilibrium in the pricing dynamics, suggesting that there haven't been significant fluctuations that could disrupt the cost structure of Butyric Acid production.

After experiencing broadly unchanged employment levels in November, businesses in the United States witnessed a return to job creation as the year came to a close. In service sector, the rate of growth in staffing numbers was modest overall, marking the quickest pace since September. The decision to bring in new hires was driven by the need to manage the processing of incoming new work and the anticipation of a potential increase in new business in the upcoming months.

Manufacturing continues to exert a negative influence on the economy, marked by an intensified rate of decline in purchase query. In response to this, factories are reducing production levels, implementing workforce cutbacks, and scaling back on procurement of raw materials. This reflects the challenging environment within the manufacturing sector, where a decline in orders has cascading effects on production, employment, and procurement activities.

There is an anticipation of an increase in demand for Butyric Acid in the US market, prompting domestic merchants to begin rebuilding their material stocks to meet local demand in the upcoming year. Additionally, the potential rise in demand from overseas markets could exert upward pressure on the cost of Butyric Acid. This suggests a proactive response from merchants to prepare for an expected surge in both domestic and international demand, potentially influencing the pricing dynamics of Butyric Acid in the near future.

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