WinGD Partners with KSS Line for Ammonia-Fueled Gas Carrier Project
WinGD Partners with KSS Line for Ammonia-Fueled Gas Carrier Project

WinGD Partners with KSS Line for Ammonia-Fueled Gas Carrier Project

  • 22-Sep-2023 3:25 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

Swiss marine power company WinGD has taken a significant step in its commitment to advancing ammonia-fueled engines. They recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with KSS Line, a collaboration aimed at exploring the application of X-DF-A engines in upcoming newbuild projects. This strategic partnership between the two companies focuses on the development of dual-fuel ammonia engines, particularly in 52cm and 62cm bore sizes, catering to midsize and very large gas carriers (VLGC).

This MoU represents the latest in a series of collaborations that underscore WinGD's proactive approach to enhancing its ammonia capabilities. WinGD is actively engaging experts from various key shipbuilding locations and vessel segments to drive innovation in ammonia propulsion technology.

Importantly, this partnership encompasses more than just engine development. It also places a strong emphasis on performance and maintenance solutions essential for the effective use of alternative fuels such as ammonia. The collaboration will delve into the deployment of WinGD's Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE), which offers valuable insights into engine performance. WiDE enables real-time fuel efficiency adjustments and provides continuous 24x7 support from engine experts, ensuring optimal operation.

Additionally, WinGD's commitment to crew training is a notable component of the agreement. The company is well on its way to establishing expertise in training crew members for safe and reliable ammonia-fueled engine operations. In a noteworthy development, WinGD had previously committed to developing and supporting a training syllabus for AET Tankers and the maritime academy Akademi Laut Malaysia in June.

Volkmar Galke, Director of Sales at WinGD, expressed optimism about the potential of ammonia as a marine fuel, especially for gas carriers that already transport ammonia as cargo. He highlighted the advantages of the combination of their rigorously tested engine design, comprehensive training support, and real-time optimization through WiDE. This combination is expected to ensure that KSS Line can confidently transition to the use of ammonia as a long-term, safe, and reliable fuel source for their vessels.

Chando Park, CEO of KSS Line, outlined the company's commitment to rapid fleet decarbonization. KSS Line has already made substantial investments in technologies such as smart ships, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)-fueled vessels, and methanol-fueled technology. Now, their focus is on exploring ammonia as a fuel source, and the partnership with WinGD provides the technical expertise required to successfully incorporate this new fuel into their upcoming newbuild projects.

WinGD's roadmap for advancing ammonia-fueled engines includes validation tests on single and multi-cylinder test engines in Winterthur and Shanghai later this year. These tests will follow earlier combustion concept testing initiated in 2021. Combining simulation and rig tests, these efforts aim to comprehensively understand the emissions characteristics and injection requirements associated with ammonia fuel.

The X-DF-A engine, which operates on a high-pressure Diesel-cycle combustion process and features liquid ammonia fuel injection with a low portion of pilot fuel, is at the center of WinGD's efforts to facilitate the transition to cleaner and more sustainable marine propulsion technologies.

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