Would fluctuations in Raw Material Impact Sodium Propionate Market
Would fluctuations in Raw Material Impact Sodium Propionate Market

Would fluctuations in Raw Material Impact Sodium Propionate Market

  • 09-May-2022 5:55 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

New Delhi, India: As the market sentiments of raw material, Propionic Acid and Sodium Carbonate, has been flickering for the last few weeks, their influence on the Sodium Propionate market has become the talk of the town. Bakeries, confectioneries, and wine-making industries are looking out for the variation in Sodium Propionate prices to plan their future retails and expenditures.

Will the Sodium Propionate prices oscillate in the near future? it is the biggest concern revolving around several industries using Sodium Propionate as a food additive.

Until now, Sodium Propionate prices have been consistently rising, providing food industries with a clear insight into the market scenario. As per ChemAnalyst, "There was an increment of nearly 2% in the prices of Sodium Propionate during the month of April at JNPT port". However, the future trends of Sodium Propionate seem to be blurry owing to the See-Sawing Propionic Acid and Sodium Carbonate markets.

In response to the ongoing situation and after conversing with several manufacturers and suppliers of Sodium Propionate in India, ChemAnalyst researchers have confirmed that the Sodium Propionate market would fluctuate in the upcoming weeks in reciprocation with the swinging raw material prices. "We are forced to increase or decrease the rates of our products as the prices of raw materials are going up and down," rightly quoted a manufacturer of Sodium propionate from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

According to various anticipations, the other downstream product of Propionic Acid, Calcium Propionate, is going to fickle again due to the instability in raw material prices.

The ChemAnalyst Estimations suggest that the prices of Sodium Propionate are likely to attain stability after the month of May and might start declining in June because of the destocking of products in fear of spoilage in the upcoming monsoon season.

Although, it would be interesting to witness how much and for how long raw material price variations would keep the Sodium Propionate market unstable. ChemAnalyst would keep an eye out to notice any movement in the Sodium Propionate market. Stay with us to get further updates on the Sodium Propionate or Calcium Propionate market.

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