X-Press Feeders Inks MoU with Six European Ports for Sustainable Shipping Corridors
X-Press Feeders Inks MoU with Six European Ports for Sustainable Shipping Corridors

X-Press Feeders Inks MoU with Six European Ports for Sustainable Shipping Corridors

  • 08-Apr-2024 11:19 AM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

X-Press Feeders, the largest independent common carrier globally, has inked a momentous memorandum of understanding (MOU) with six prominent European ports: the Port of Antwerp Bruges (Belgium), Port of Tallinn (Estonia), Port of Helsinki (Finland), Port of HaminaKotka (Finland), Freeport of Riga (Latvia), and Klaipeda Port (Lithuania). This landmark agreement underscores a shared commitment to expedite the establishment of green shipping corridors and advance decarbonization efforts in the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea regions. Through this collaborative MOU, X-Press Feeders and the participating ports will combine resources and expertise to devise and implement sustainable practices for maritime operations.

Under the terms of the MOU:

            Parties will collaborate to enhance infrastructure for the supply and bunkering of alternative fuels such as green methanol.

            Efforts will be made to stimulate the development of supply chains for fuel with minimal to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

            Additional training programs will be provided for port personnel and seafarers concerning the handling of alternative fuels.

            Digital platforms will be leveraged to optimize port calls.

            Regular meetings will be held to review and discuss progress on initiatives aimed at advancing green shipping corridors.

The MOU underscores a collective commitment to broader decarbonization endeavors within the maritime sector.

The collaborative efforts between the parties will initially focus on establishing two key shipping routes:

            Green Baltic X-PRESS (GBX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Klaipeda > Riga > Rotterdam

            Green Finland X-PRESS (GFX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Helsinki > Tallinn > HaminaKotka > Rotterdam

These services are slated to commence in Q3 2024, marking a significant stride toward more environmentally sustainable shipping services in Europe. Notably, these will be the first scheduled feeder routes in Europe powered by green methanol, an alternative fuel that emits at least 60% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional marine fuel.

X-Press Feeders procures its green methanol from OCI Global, a reputable fuel supplier. This environmentally friendly methanol is produced through the utilization of green hydrogen and the decomposition of organic materials, including waste and residues. Notably, OCI's green methanol has received independent certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Association, based in Germany. The ISCC system plays a crucial role in promoting and validating the sustainable production of biomass, circular and bio-based materials, as well as renewable resources.

Francis Goh, Chief Operating Officer of X-Press Feeders, asserts, "Through collaborative efforts between X-Press Feeders and our six partner ports, we aim to efficiently implement green shipping corridors and spearhead sustainability in the maritime industry. We chose the Nordic and Baltic states as the initial markets to deploy our green methanol-powered vessels due to the receptive nature of the ports and customers in these regions."

"This MOU signifies a major advancement in our commitment to cultivating sustainability in the maritime sector. Through partnering with these esteemed European ports, we aim to collectively champion the adoption of green technologies, hastening the decarbonization journey within our industry," he further elaborates.

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