Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Starts Up its New Alkylation Unit in China

Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Starts Up its New Alkylation Unit in China

Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Starts Up its New Alkylation Unit in China

  • 16-Aug-2021 6:12 PM
  • Journalist: Jaideep kumar

In an announcement made by Lummus Technology, it was mentioned that the company has initiated the startup of one of the world’s largest alkylation units at Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Co. Ltd.’s (ZPC) refinery in Zhejiang Province, China. The unit has a production capacity of 45,000 barrels per day of alkylation product. The plant is the largest project ever licensed by Lummus Technology. 

The plant is the second alkylation facility in ZPC’s complex making the combined capacity to 59,000 barrels per day of alkylation product. 

The new alkylation unit is capable of processing C4 derivatives from upstream refined feedstock and petrochemical units. The resulting product has a very high concentration of isobutylene in the total throughput blend. The overall alkylate quality is also superior. 

The technology which Lummus provides is an advanced low-temperature sulfuric acid alkylation process for the production of premium motor fuel alkylate. The process includes reaction of light olefin streams from refinery sources with iso paraffins to produce fuel alkylate. 

Lummus Technology is a global leader in process technologies development focusing on sustainable and low carbon processes. The company is a major licensor of clean energy, petrochemical, refining, gas processing, and renewable technologies. The company also supplies catalysts, proprietary equipment, digital solutions, and related lifecycle services on a global scale.


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