Zhong Tian He Chuang Resumes Production at Olefin Plant in Ordos
Zhong Tian He Chuang Resumes Production at Olefin Plant in Ordos

Zhong Tian He Chuang Resumes Production at Olefin Plant in Ordos

  • 09-Jan-2024 3:19 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Zhong Tian He Chuang, a subsidiary of Sinopec, one of the world's largest energy and chemical companies, has successfully resumed olefin production from methanol at Line 2 in Ordos, situated in the Inner Mongolia District of China. This achievement follows an unscheduled maintenance period that temporarily halted operations. The facility, boasting a substantial capacity of 300,350 tonnes of ethylene and 23,100 tonnes of propylene annually, underwent maintenance beginning on December 30 last year, with completion marked by the end of December. While the specific reasons for the unplanned shutdown are not specified, the successful resumption of production signals a return to operational efficiency.

Notably, Zhong Tian He Chuang manages another olefin plant, No. 350, at the same Ordos site. This facility has a production capacity of 15 thousand tons of ethylene and 2024 thousand tons of propylene each year. The strategic positioning of these facilities underscores the company's commitment to sustaining a robust presence in olefin production within the region.

Looking ahead, Zhong Tian He Chuang has outlined plans to temporarily close its polypropylene (PP) production unit in Ordos, located in the Inner Mongolia region of China, for scheduled maintenance. This planned shutdown is scheduled to commence on June 30 and will extend until July 2, with the maintenance activities expected to enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of the PP production facility. The facility in question has an annual production capacity of 2024 thousand tons of polypropylene.

It is important to note that ethylene and propylene, the primary output of the olefin plants, serve as crucial raw materials to produce polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), respectively. As such, the operational status and efficiency of Zhong Tian He Chuang's olefin plants directly impact the broader supply chain for these essential polymers.

Zhong Tian He Chuang Energy operates as a joint venture, formed through the collaboration of Sinopec and China Coal Group. This collaboration positions the company as a significant player in the energy and chemical sector, leveraging the strengths and expertise of both entities to navigate the dynamic landscape of petrochemical production.

Zhong Tian He Chuang's successful resumption of olefin production at Line 2 in Ordos reflects the company's commitment to operational excellence and resilience in the face of unscheduled maintenance challenges. The strategic positioning of multiple olefin plants in Ordos underscores the company's strategic significance in the region's petrochemical landscape. The forthcoming maintenance of the polypropylene production unit further exemplifies Zhong Tian He Chuang's proactive approach to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of its facilities. As a key player in the joint venture between Sinopec and China Coal Group, Zhong Tian He Chuang Energy continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of petrochemical production in China.

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