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USTC Achieves Milestone with Ammonia-Resistant Catalyst for Nickel-Based Fuel Cells
  • 13-Sep-2023 07:22 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

A groundbreaking achievement in fuel cell technology has emerged from the research team led by Prof. GAO Minrui at the University of Science and Tech... Read More

Stearic Acid Prices Show Bearish Trend in the US Amidst Falling Feedstock Costs
  • 13-Sep-2023 06:58 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

The prices of Stearic Acid in the United States experienced a 6% decline in August 2023. This decrease can be attributed to the depreciation in price... Read More

European Companies Get US Grants for Small Modular Reactor Projects
  • 13-Sep-2023 06:30 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

Numerous companies hailing from Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic have been awarded grants under the Phoenix Project, led by the United States... Read More

US Fumaric Acid Prices Show Bearish Trend Amidst Supply-Demand Imbalance
  • 13-Sep-2023 06:19 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

Fumaric Acid, a crucial component used in various industries, has experienced a significant price decrease in the US market over the past month. This... Read More