Reliance Industries to Undertake Maintenance Turnaround by the End of July

Reliance Industries, company with the largest refining complex in the world, has reported to undertake maintenance turnaround at its crude distillation unit in Jamnagar. The company on Friday de... Read More


IOCL's Paradip Refinery to be Shut For 22 Days July 25th Onwards

As per the recent announcement by a senior IOCL official on Saturday, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd’s (IOCL) Paradip unit in Odisha's Jagat Singhpur district will remain shut for 22 days ... Read More


India Seeks New Export Destinations with Shifts in the Global Trade, Chemicals and Pharma in the Limelight

According to the recent figures released by the Ministry of Commerce, India’s exports value reached USD 13182 million in 2019-20 from merely 10 billion in 2015-16. In FY20, Brazil became t... Read More


IPA Prices Rise as China Backfires India through High Cost APIs

Indian pharma companies saw a retaliatory action after India decided to reduce import dependency on China which announced a substantial rise in the prices of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredie... Read More


Petrochemical Companies Escalating Investments in Renewable Energy Resources

Comprehending the shift in consumer preferences accompanied by new evolving technologies on green energy, Global and Indian petrochemical companies are re-evaluating their strategies and are con... Read More


India to Wage “Atmanirbhar” Masterstroke through New Urea Capacities

After recent rifts between India and China in the Galvam valley face-off, the Indian government is all set to reduce its import dependency on China by strongly promoting its strategy for Atmanir... Read More