Methanex to Construct the Third Methanol Facility at Geismar making it one of the world’s largest methanol complexes

The Canadian Chemical company Methanex is going to construct a third methanol facility worth INR 9582.769 Million, at Geismar.

This project will make Geismar one of the largest methan... Read More


Methanol economy not on the back burner, says NITI Aayog Member

The government is planning to come up with a new road map to produce methanol from coal. For the time being methanol is used with blended gasoline, but methanol is t... Read More


SOCAR Methanol's output exceeds 710,000 tons

SOCAR Methanol LLC is a SOCAR subsidiary, has exceeded its output 710,000 tons during the period of 2016 to 2019.

The plant p... Read More


Niti Aayog is considering plan to run petrol cars on 15% methanol

If the cabinet approved, then it would be mandatory to run the petrol cars blended with 15% methanol and this will bring 10% reduction in monthly petrol bill and help in cutting down the oil imp... Read More


Methanol as a fuel substitute portend for GNFC and Deepak fertilizers

Government is contemplating the plan to blend LPG with methanol (20 percent). If the government takes this initiative, then the companies like GNFC and Deepak Fertil... Read More