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Increasing number of industries, residential buildings and commercial construction, pays a vital contribution in the demand of Expanded Polystyrene as a raw material. Expanded Polystyrene has ...Read More

Large scale production of agriculturally based products, viz. fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, use in animal husbandry sector followed by demand for sterilizers & disinfectants in heal ...Read More

Increasing number of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and pulp and paper industries and growing demand for Alkyl Amines in the above-mentioned industries to drive the growth of Alkyl Amine market ...Read More

Increasing application of Fluoropolymers (PTFE) in cookware utensils, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics and healthcare industry to propel the demand for PTFE across I ...Read More

Increasing number of automotive, construction, electronics and packaging industries and growing demand for Nylon 66, Polyurethanes and Adipic Esters in the above-mentioned industries to drive ...Read More

Massive usage in agriculture industry to produce pesticides & herbicides, growing demand as a solvent in paint and coating industry and as a raw material in pharmaceutical industry to driv ...Read More

Accelerating demand for Potassium Carbonate as a fertilizer, enormous applications in pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing medicines & antiseptics and rapid expansion of electronic se ...Read More

Attributes like outstanding tensile strength, scrub resistance, high elasticity, increasing number of textile industries and growing population to boost India’s Nylon Filament Yarn marke ...Read More

Increasing demand for gasoline in automotive and machineries coupled with the growing usage of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) as an intermediate in medical industry for treating gallstones ...Read More

Growing demand for Malic Acid as an excellent flavoring agent in food and beverages industries and as an essential ingredient in pharmaceuticals to drive the Malic Acid market in India