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The surging demand of Phosphorous Acid to manufacture stabilizer in PVC and usage of PVC in various downstream industries such as construction sector coupled with fa ...Read More

Growing demand of Isoprene Rubber due to superior tear-resistance and high durability drives its usage to manufacture automotive tyres which is expected to drive the ...Read More

It is expected that the Benzoic Acid market in India will most likely observe a surge, driven by its large-scale consumption as a food additive for preservation purp ...Read More

The rising demand for n-Hexane as an edible-oil extractant owing to its high-evaporation rate and low-boiling point is anticipated to drive the Global n-Hexane marke ...Read More

Growing demand of Acrylonitrile as a feedstock to manufacture ABS, Acrylic Fibre, and Acrylamide which are used by various industries such as construction, general c ...Read More

The growing demand of Butyl Acetate due to its excellent solvency properties and mild volatility to manufacture paints & coatings in various industries such as c ...Read More

The rising demand for acetic anhydride as an acid derivative of acetic acid to manufacture generic drugs like aspirin is anticipated to drive the Global Acetic Anhyd ...Read More

Growing demand of Hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source as a replacement of methanol coupled with government’s initiative towards sustainable energy ...Read More

The growing demand of Propylene Oxide (PO) as a feedstock to manufacture Polyether Polyols which are further used to manufacture polyurethanes, which have practical ...Read More

The rising demand for Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) due to its high-water retention capacity and ability to strengthen the bond in concrete for application in ...Read More