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Surging demand for semiconductors and integrated circuits with growing PCB industry, coupled with rising demand for digital semiconductors from smartphones, computer manufacturers and rolling of ...Read More

Global specialty gases market is growing at a tremendous pace owing to increased industrial activities taking place in developing nations. Further, growth in the electronics and healthcare indus ...Read More

Global Specialty Fibers market is bolstered by increasing consumption from end-user industries such as aviation etc. owing to its superior properties such as high strength, durability and lightw ...Read More

Increasing utilization of plastic packaging after the COVID-19 outbreak coupled with the increasing usage of polymers in replacement of metal components in the automotive industry is likely to d ...Read More

Rise in demand for automobiles, use of electronic equipment in automobiles and construction sector, and development of new technologies to drive the demand for global acrylonitrile butadiene sty ...Read More

Increasing demand for nitric acid in dyes and steel rolling industry coupled with a rise in demand for adipic acid for the production of nylon fibers and resins is anticipated to propel the dema ...Read More

Improvement in lifestyles and standard of living in emerging countries such as India is fueling the demand for end-user personal care products and will further grow the demand for Sodium Lauryl ...Read More

Growing electrical and electronic market coupled with growing usage in chemical processing will grow the demand for global Fluoropolymers for the forecasted period.

Increasing Synthetic Rubber consumption in tire and surgical gloves manufacturing in Healthcare and Transportation and Automotive Industry is expected to boost the demand of Synthetic Rubber in ...Read More

Increasing Acrylate Esters consumption in Paints and Coating Industry due to booming construction and infrastructure industry coupled with increasing demand in Plastic Industry to drive the Acry ...Read More