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Being one of the most promising sustainable Biofuel, the demand of Bioethanol fuel blends is continuously growing in order to increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles and reduce the greenhouse g ...Read More

Growing demand of Butadiene for synthesis of various rubbers and plastics which are further used to manufacture general use commodities is likely to drive the Global ...Read More

Increase in the demand of Isobutylene in automotive, aerospace, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors set to boost global isobutylene market through 2030. 

Increasing use of nylon filament yarn in the production of textiles including women wear, scarf, sarees etc. coupled with the increasing consumption in automobile fabric and smart fabric is expe ...Read More

Growing demand of surface coatings, enamels and lacquers from the construction sector is expected to drive the demand of n-butanol during the forecast period.  

Rise in the use of nitrotoluenes in the manufacture of dyestuffs which find application in the growing paints and coatings industry is expected to drive the demand o ...Read More

Growing demand of MDI based rigid polyurethane foam in construction sector is projected to drive the demand of nitrobenzene during the forecast period. Demand is als ...Read More

Growing demand of fertilizer industry coupled with the new technologies such as smart farming and precision agriculture is expected to drive the demand of nitric aci ...Read More

Growing demand for hose, belting and cable, o-rings and seals from the automotive and construction sector is expected to drive the demand of NBR during the forecast period.

Growing demand for coating resins from the end use industries including construction and automotive is expected to drive the demand of neopentyl glycol (NPG) during the forecast period. &nb ...Read More