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The growing demand for Caprolactam and Adipic acid by the various end-use industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, and others is expected to boost the Cyclohexanone ma ...Read More

Exponentially rising demand for Acetaldehyde as an intermediate for the synthesis of various commodity chemical compounds is expected to boost the Acetaldehyde marke ...Read More

Surging demand for Butyl Rubber for making inner tubes of tires in the automotive sector coupled with its use as an adhesive and sealant is anticipated to boost the Butyl Rubber market by 2030.& ...Read More

The constant rising demand of Styrene due to its properties for manufacture packaging materials, automotive components, and personal care products is anticipated to ...Read More

The growing demand for BOPET Films for numerous industrial and commercial applications is likely to boost the BOPET industry across the globe in the forecast period ...Read More

BOPP Films market is anticipated to grow at a significant pace as it is employed primarily in Packaging sector coupled with the increasing demand from Food and Bever ...Read More

Rapidly growing usage of diabetic and dietetic food is driving the demand for Sorbitol by the food and beverages industry, which is likely to propel the Sorbitol mar ...Read More

Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) market is anticipated to grow at a significant pace in the forecast period owing to its wide range industrial applications, most importantly as an important raw materi ...Read More

Rapidly increasing demand for Ethylene Oxide and its derivatives by the major end-use industries such as packaging, food and beverages, automotive, and others is likely to boost the Ethylene Oxi ...Read More

Growing demand of N-Nonylphenol for numerous applications including Surfactant in detergents, Antioxidants, Lubricating oil additives, Laundry - Dish detergents, Emu ...Read More