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Growing demand of 1-Hexene for manufacturing Polyethylene which is further utilized in multiple industries is likely to drive the Global 1-Hexene market in the forec ...Read More

Growing demand of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) for Industrial & Food Packaging purpose due its excellent barrier properties are likely to drive the Global Ethyl ...Read More

Growing demand of Ethoxylated Alcohol due to its surfactant properties for making Detergents and Personal Care products is most likely to drive the Global Ethoxylate ...Read More

Growing demand of Citric Acid due to its usage for the preservation of Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Personal Care Products are likely to dr ...Read More

Growing demand of Butyl Glycol due to ease of miscibility with other solvents is responsible for utilization in Paints Coatings & Inks industry which is anticipa ...Read More

Growing demand of Bauxite as an ore for extracting Alumina, which is further utilized to produce Aluminium is likely to drive the Global Bauxite market in the foreca ...Read More

Growing demand of Amorphous Polyalphaolefin (APAO) for manufacturing automotive components & foam, are anticipated to grow the Global Amorphous Polyalphaolefin ( ...Read More

The rapidly growing demand of Glacial Acrylic Acid (GAA) due to its increased usage for water treatment which is most likely to dominate the Indian Glacial Acrylic A ...Read More

Growing demand of Polyolefin Elastomers (POE) due to its flexible yet durable nature to manufacture automotive components, foam, and general use items is likely to d ...Read More

The rising application of n Heptane as a solvent and increasing demand from Pharmaceuticals and Electronics Industry is expected to propel the demand of n Heptane du ...Read More