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The growth in global demand of Viscose Filament Yarn is seen during the historical period which is further expected to take an upturn due to surging demand from clothing textile and non-woven ho ...Read More

Growing demand of packaged or processed food across developed nations and increasing construction activities would propel the global demand for Vinyl Acetate Monomer during the coming years.

...Read More

Expanding chemical manufacturing units coupled with increasing preference towards nutrient-rich food products across the globe to boost demand for Sulphuric Acid through the forecast period 2030 ...Read More

The growth in the Sulphur demand globally following rising consumption by chemical processing and fertilizer industry across the globe to fulfill the surging demand ...Read More

The surging demand for food preservatives as there is limited food supply as compared to the total demand which drives the need for Sodium Propionate, a preservative ...Read More

Growing demand of rubber industry from tires and other applications coupled with the increasing demand of other end use industries such as healthcare and personal ca ...Read More

Growing population and food security requirements coupled with the increasing modernization in agriculture such as precision farming, etc. is expected to drive the d ...Read More

Growing demand of automotive and construction sector coupled with increasing need of pigments in various industries including personal care, pharmaceutical etc. is expected to drive the demand o ...Read More

Growing demand of application areas such as aluminium and iron and steel production and increasing government initiatives for low emission materials is expected to d ...Read More

Increasing demand of light weight high performance materials from the construction and automotive sectors is expected to drive the demand for epoxy resins for the forecast period.