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Increasing demand for superabsorbent polymers in personal hygiene products and improved demand for Acrylic Acid and its derivatives in surface coatings, adhesives and paint industry will drive t ...Read More

Increasing Maleic Anhydride consumption in manufacture of resin and in Pharmaceutical Industry is expected to boom the demand in the forecast years. 

Rising awareness towards environment friendly fabrics, increasing focus on healthy and hygienic products and development of new technologies to drive global non-woven fabrics market through 2026 ...Read More

Rising demand for Polyolefins to produce food and pharmaceutical packaging films, backed by greater industrial investments over lightweight automotive parts would drive the demand for Polyolefin ...Read More

Increasing utilization of plastics in the rapidly expanding electrical and electronics sector coupled with consistent rise in demand for plastic packaging material after coronavirus pandemic is ...Read More

A shift in downstream Industries of Ethanol derivatives from China to other Asian countries including Vietnam will increase the market for Ethanol Derivatives in the country for the forecasted p ...Read More

Increasing the requirement for Ethanol derivative in Cosmetic applications backed by rapid expansion in the Paint industry in the country is likely to surge its demand for the forecasted period. ...Read More

High demand as a solvent in Paint & Coating sector and Cosmetic industry coupled with the growing export market will propel the growth of ethanol derivatives in Singapore for forecasted year ...Read More