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Improvement in lifestyles and standard of living in emerging countries such as India is fueling the demand for end-user personal care products and will further grow the demand for Sodium Lauryl ...Read More

Increasing demand for Fluoropolymers (PTFE) owing to its superior stability, non-toxic nature, and resistance to oil & chemicals drives its applications in numer ...Read More

Increasing Synthetic Rubber consumption in tire and surgical gloves manufacturing in Healthcare and Transportation and Automotive Industry is expected to boost the demand of Synthetic Rubber in ...Read More

Increasing Acrylate Esters consumption in Paints and Coating Industry due to booming construction and infrastructure industry coupled with increasing demand in Plastic Industry to drive the Acry ...Read More

Growing demand of Acrylic Acid due to its application for the synthesis of acrylate ester and Super Absorbent Polymer in the upcoming years is likely to drive the ...Read More

Increasing Maleic Anhydride consumption in manufacture of resin and in Pharmaceutical Industry is expected to boom the demand in the forecast years. 

The global green methanol market is gaining significantly from the surging demand for green methanol as a fuel and feedstock, rising concerns about climate change, a ...Read More

The excellent solvation properties of Ethanol Derivatives to produce paints & coatings which are further used in primarily automotive manufacturing and construct ...Read More

The surging demand of Halo Butyl Rubber in the Tyre and Inner Tube Industry owing to its excellent resistance to fatigue and ability to work under a wide range of te ...Read More

A significant increase in the manufacturing of different types of candles is propelling the global paraffin wax market.