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The growing demand for Titanium Dioxide as a white pigment in paints to provide them optimum opacity and whiteness coupled with surging demand of paints for applicat ...Read More

Increasing demand of Ethanol as a solvent in various downstream industries such as paints & coatings and polymer processing and operation of National Biofuel Pol ...Read More

Demand for Polypropylene is increasing strongly as a raw material in India’s rigorously expanding healthcare sector and growing demand for recyclable BOPP films for flexible packaging of f ...Read More

Growing consumer preference towards flexible packaging films in packaged food and beverages backed by strong boost in demand from rotational molding sector which stands as a solution for fabrica ...Read More

The growing demand of Polycarbonate to manufacture electronics, automotives and applications in the Building & Construction industry, coupled with fast-paced urb ...Read More

Strong growth in electronics industry coupled with increased production of medical equipment stressed by enhanced requirements from healthcare sector after Coronavirus Outbreak would propel the ...Read More

Rising demand for Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) to manufacture pipes for the country’s agriculture sector coupled with increasing number of government initiatives ...Read More

Growing demand of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) due to their excellent mechanical properties as  a substitute to metal for applications in home applianc ...Read More