Clough and Saipem Reach Agreement to Construct Largest Urea Plant in Australia

  • 24-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Australia: Clough and Saipem have successfully closed a €2.56 billion ($2.8 billion) agreement to construct Australia's biggest urea plant. The joint venture, on a 50-50 basis, will soon begin work on the Ceres plant, located on the Burrup Peninsula, roughly 20 kilometres away from Karratha on the Western Australia coastline. The plant will have the capacity to produce more than 2 million metric tons of urea yearly, as it converts natural gas into Ammonia, followed by urea, which will be utilized to produce fertilizers.

Perdaman, in collaboration with a joint venture, plans to establish the world's largest Ammonia plant using the cutting-edge SynCOR Ammonia technology from Topsoe. The plant will exclusively use a single synthesis reactor while incorporating Snamprogetti's owned technology for the urea production process. Furthermore, both parties are dedicated to achieving a net-zero Carbon emission plant by the year 2050.

Italian contractor Webuild (formerly Salini Impreglio) has acquired the assets of Clough, a subsidiary company, after it fell into administration last year. This move has resulted in Australia becoming Webuild's second-largest market, with a backlog of orders worth €12 billion (US13.2 billion). Notable projects in their portfolio include the construction of a section of the Sydney Metro-Western Sydney Airport rail line, connecting Sydney to the new airport, as well as the North East Link, which fills in a missing section of Melbourne's beltway.

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