Stamicarbon Secures Contract for New Urea Plant in China

  • 24-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

China: Stamicarbon has recently finalized an agreement to supply PDP, licensing, and equipment for an upcoming Ultra-Low Energy urea facility situated in Jiangxi province, China. Once completed, this project will become Stamicarbon's largest Ultra-Low Energy plant, with a remarkable design capacity of 3,850 metric tons per day (m.t./d). This marks Stamicarbon's seventh plant using this cutting-edge technology.

Stamicarbon has been tasked with providing the Process Design Package, along with the specialized Safurex high-pressure equipment and related services for the upcoming urea melt and prilling facility. Rather than utilizing the Pool Reactor technology seen in past Ultra-Low Energy plants, the new design will apply the Ultra-Low Energy principle to the Pool Condenser.

The cutting-edge Ultra-Low Energy Design has revolutionized the use of heat supplied as high-pressure steam, enabling it to be utilized thrice rather than twice, culminating in a massive reduction of steam consumption by roughly 35%, and cooling water consumption by approximately 16% when contrasted to traditional CO2 stripping techniques. This trailblazing technology stands unparalleled in delivering unprecedented energy savings in comparison to its counterparts. Currently, two operational plants have validated its efficacy.

Stamicarbon has unveiled its latest ultra-low energy urea plant, which is the company's largest to date. This ground-breaking technology has been applied to a pool condenser, making it the first of its kind. By implementing this breakthrough innovation, Stamicarbon is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to enhancing the sustainability of the fertilizer sector through cutting-edge technological advancements.

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