Indorama and Evertis Partner Up to Produce PET Film Using Recycled Trays

  • 5-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Singapore: Indorama Ventures, a resin producer, and Evertis, a film producer has joined hands to introduce recycled PET into food packaging barrier films by utilizing recycled PET from trays. Indorama Ventures has successfully begun the commercial production of recycled PET flakes from post-consumer trays at its Verdun factory in France after six years of research and development.

The company claims that the quality of the flakes is equivalent to recycled PET flakes derived from post-consumer bottles. This technology has the potential to help dispose of 50 million post-consumer PET trays that would otherwise end up in landfills and incinerators.

By aligning their efforts, the partnership aims to advance the EU's recycling objectives by offering consumers more sustainable alternatives and enabling packaging producers to meet their targets for incorporating recycled content. Evertis, for its part, has set a goal of integrating 50% recycled content in its products by 2025.

In line with this, the European Union has established objectives for the use of recycled content, and beginning in 2021, member states will be required to make contributions proportional to the weight of non-recycled packaging generated.

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